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Same Vows, Different Date

We are both crazy in love during this crazy time,

and though the love hasn't changed, the date has!


We just can't wait to be staying home together! 

So here it goes, we are excited to tell you that we have finally decided to move the date up to June 30th 2020!

YES, we will be getting married in less than a month!

We've created this website to take you along our 30 Days Wedding Planning Journey to make sure you don't feel left out.

Here you'll find DIY pictures taken by our friends and family, the Holy Matrimony Book as a pdf to be downloaded if you will be attending the wedding, and lots of other fun stuff!

Be sure to take a look around to learn more about our wedding day plans. Don't forget to leave us messages, too!

We'd love to hear from you since we will all be in distance. 

And finally, thank you so much for all your love and support through both of our lives. We can't wait to celebrate this special day with all of our favorite people VIRTUALLY. 

Make sure we know you were here!

Shower us with some wishes, love, messages, advices, notes, or just random thoughts or memories we shared with you!
We can't wait to read each and every one of them. 

Thanks for submitting!